The Csendes Dűlő Wine Estate

This exceptional vineyard lying on the southern slopes of the Örsi hill has been a family property for since 1971. The bed of volcanic rock characteristic of the Badacsony wine region ensures that the soil is rich in potassium and micronutrients. This surplus endows the wines of the region with intensive acidity and full, rich taste. Soaking in the sun, the region has a  balanced, submediterranean climate subserved by the southern aspect of the vineyards and the surface of beautiful Lake Balaton.

At the very beginning there was only a mixed plantation next to the press house but gradually we acquired more and more land and revived the vines. Except for the land of the ‘hárslevelű’ where it is still the 25-year-old vines bearing fruit.

Currently, we cultivate three hectares of land and produce four varieties of wine: ‘Olaszrizling’, ‘Szürkebarát’, ‘Hárslevelű’ and ‘Kéknyelű’. Perhaps the latter two are the closest to our hearts. The ‘Kéknyelű’ is exceptional as it is produced solely in this wine region. The ‘Hárslevelű’, on the other hand, is not a typical wine of the area nevertheless we feel it has great potential for giving rich, fragrant yet elegant, light wine.

The load of vine-stock is 1-1.5 kgs. We work with mild biological control, do not use chemical fertilizers or herbicides. From 2018 on, we have gradually transformed our practices to comply to ecological production standards. The grapes are harvested manually at full ripeness and processed with the utmost care and attention.