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The town of Badacsonyörs, located on the widened slopes of the Örsi hill (or Kisörs hill), was mentioned for the first time in a 13th century official document. It was referred to as either Nagyörs, Boldogasszonyörs, Kisörs, or Szőlősörs. Judging by a register from 1542, Szőlősörs seems to have been inhabited by peasants, and Kisörs is by noblemen with the former being the property of religious and secular nobles. In 1548 an official report described the town as the property of András Csoron who had extensive estates int he area.

In 1627, following the Csoron-era, the town became the property of the prominent Eszterházy family whose Devecser estate included both Szőlősörs and Kisörs. Later the ’nobler’ Kisörs remained in use as a single name for the now-united towns and also for the hill it lays upon.

Chapel of Anthony of Padua

The picturesque chapel was built in 1816 and was named after St Anthony of Padua. Inside, the altarpieces were painted by the renowned and locally-settled Hungarian painter, Erzsébet Udvardi. The paintings were sanctified in 1976 and one of them portrays St Anthony’s sermon to the fish while the other depicts the Three Wise Men visiting Jesus after his birth.

Szt. Antal képolna 1
Szt. Antal képolna 2

Folly Arboretum

Dr. Gyula Folly medical doctor started planting diverse plant species on the southern slopes of the Kisörs hill between 1905 and 1910, which came to become a unique arboretum and was named after him, and today is probably the most famous tourist attraction of Badacsonyörs.

folly arborétum 1
folly arborétum 2

Remains of the Pauline Monastery

The remains of one the monasteries of the only Hungarian-founded religious order, the Pauline Fathers, are located deep in the forest on the road between Badacsonyörs and Salföld. The strikingly well-preserved remains and their surroundings are a popular hiking destination. The place can be easily accessed from the direction of both Badacsonyörs and Salföld, and even from Ábrahámhegy.

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salfoeli-palos-kolostorrom 2