The Csendes Dűlő Wine Estate

Lying on the southern slopes of the Örsi hill, the Csendes Dűlő Wine Estate is owned by our family since 1971. With its unique panorama on three hectares grows the luscious ‘Olaszrizling’ (Welschriesling), the honey-scented ‘Hárslevelű’, the fiery ‘Szürkebarát’ (Pinot gris) as well as the “noble wine, or the nectar of nobles” the curio ‘Kéknyelű’ (Blaustengler), a special and characteristic Hungarian vine variety grown only in the Badacsony Wine Region. 


The vineyard

At the very beginning there was only a mixed plantation next to the press house but gradually we acquired more and more land and revived the vines. Except for the land of the ‘hárslevelű’ where it is still the 40-year-old vines bearing fruit.

The guesthouse

We are on a wine hill amongst venerable press houses in the thousand-year-old harmony of silence, peace, land, and man. (2)

The wine terrace

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to our all-year-round open guest house, and picturesque summer wine terrace overlooking the vineyards and Lake Balaton.

Our wines

We take the utmost care to process the grapes as gently as possible. Our wines are produced in stainless steel containers undergoing controlled fermentation process using wine yeast strains. Some amounts are aged partly in oak barrels. After bottling the wines are matured for six months and only then are they ready for sale. The ‘kéknyelű’ goes through extended bottle aging for at least a year.


A specific and characteristic white Hungarian wine grape variety grown only in the Badacsony Wine Region. It gives fragrant, juicy and firm wine with delicate acidity. The characteristic minerality of the area is perceptible. The wine is pleasant at young age but it produces the real experience with uniquely harmonic acids after more years of aging.


The grape from which this wine is made of is one of those with the purest variety characteristics providing an outstanding quality even in times of rich harvest. Its smell resembles to mignonette and its flavour is almond-like. The wine is produced by reductive technology and controlled fermentation preserving its freshness.


Hárslevelű is a Hungarian white wine grape variety rarely grown in the Badacsony Wine Region. Varietal character aromas with honey, linden flower and apple echoing in it. Its rich and harmonious flavor completes the experience. With harmonic acids, basaltic and mineral notes this wine is blessed with promising prospects.


Excellent dry or medium dry wine with harmonic acids, rich elder flower, acacia nectar and yellow-fleshed fruits smell and promising prospects. It can preserve its quality for a long time due to the late harvest and appropriate treatment. In Badacsony it is associated with rich minerality.